Entertainment goes VRooommm.

This is Commuter Games, an indie games label founded in 2020 by Danjel Ricci, a videogames industry professional since 2012.

A true indie heart beats underneath this label: title and logo are a homage to the countless hours I spent developing games during my commute. On the train, on the bus, and at times on the subway too, I carried my laptop around for many years making games on the go, both for the job and for my personal projects.

Commuter Games is now a established reality, independent and full time, focusing mainly on racing games for mobile VR and reaching more than a million players worldwide.

Take a seat and fasten your seatbelt!


In-house works


 For: Meta • Pico • QIYU
 Available now!

Racing in VR begins here! Get a taste of the essentials in this simple but exciting arcade experience.

Downtown Club

 For: Meta • Pico • QIYU • YVR
 Under development (release date TBA)

Grab wheel, shifter and handbrake, and take full control of your car in this ever expanding racing game built from the ground up for VR.

Publishing works

Neodori Infinity

 For: Meta
 Available now!
 Originally developed by Strobetano

A high speed road trip inspired by retro arcade classics, with powerful electronic beats and incredible drifts.

Latest news

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Dev Diary Pause – September 2023

The Dev Diary is paused for this month and will resume with the October post.

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info [at] commuter [dot] games

If you want to reach us for business inquiries or other requests, please contact us at the mail address above. If you are a streamer asking for game keys, please make sure to write from the same mail associated with your channel. In every case, please allow some days for replies.

We are not hiring at the moment and we will not reply to job inquiries.

Bug reporting

If you need to report bugs or issues, or just want to have a chat with the developers, our Discord server is the perfect place for that! There we can follow up quickly and other players might be able to help you. Remember to check the existing channels, most of the times you will find an answer there.

If you don’t use Discord, feel free to report bugs and issues at the mail address above.


Check out the fellow developers that are helping and collaborating with Commuter Games:

Hypothermic Games

Creating professional quality and highly optimised 3D models for Downtown Club.


Providing a strong collaboration to bring Neodori to virtual reality with a greatly enhanced version.