Downtown Club


– Quest 2
– Quest Pro
– Quest 3

– Neo 3 Link
– Pico 4

– Dream
– Dream Pro

– YVR 1
– YVR 2

– Portal

Launch date: June 14th 2024 (Early Access)
Price: 15.99$ at launch
China mainland title: 车手俱乐部

The game is currently only available for Meta, but will be gradually available for the other platforms listed above. Please follow our socials for related news. Scroll below for the Early Access roadmap.

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Game details

Downtown Club is a racing game with full virtual controls and exciting driving feedback, built from the ground up for standalone VR. Grab wheel, shifter and handbrake, take full control of your car and become a motorsport champion!

🏁 Game modes
  • Events: win thematic competitions to unlock content
  • Custom Race: play with completely personalized settings
  • Time Attack: improve your lap times and join the online leaderboards
  • Free Drive: take a break and explore the map freely
🚗 Early Access launch features
  • Three hatchback cars, each one in Standard and Sport version
  • A rich city environment with freeways, tunnels and parkings
  • Different racetrack layout combinations, all available in reverse
  • Create customized opponents with individual behaviors and preferences
  • Mix and match different suit skins and car paints
  • Virtual and thumbstick controls, many gameplay and comfort settings
  • Compatible with bHaptics TactSuit

Early Access roadmap

An important note first: the roadmap doesn’t mention release dates for the upcoming content, because as a small team working full remote it’s almost impossible for us to predict how long it will take for larger features. Right now our main priority is online multiplayer, which we would like to have ready by the end of 2024. The other features will be worked in parallel regardless.

We will consider Early Access over when all the content listed below is added in the game. The game price will slightly raise halfway through the Early Access phase, and then one last time when the Early Access is over. Depending on the success of the game, new content will be added after the Early Access phase too.

Follow us on our socials to stay up to date with all news about upcoming content.

Online Multiplayer

  • Targeting minimum 8 players
  • Multiplayer free ride
  • Multiplayer custom race
  • Random matchmaking
  • Public and private lobbies

Core features

  • Time Attack ghosts
  • Replay mode
  • Additional race modes

Other features

  • Opponents AI and difficulty balancing
  • More localizations
  • Full driver body for the player
  • Pre-race and post-race sequences
  • Additional control settings
  • New racetrack layouts and Events
  • Various Quality of Life features
  • Further performance improvements

Wave 1 – JDM

Three popular Japanese Domestic Market cars, each in Standard and Drift version. These cars will slide naturally, but the Drift versions will be especially tuned for it, with higher torque.

Wave 2 – Historic Formula

Three different Formula cars from three different vintage eras of motorsport. Indomitable, high power cars with screaming engines.

Wave 3 – Endurance

Three Endurance cars from three different categories: GT3, LMP1, Hypercar. Fine tuned machines with high downforce and high reliability.

All upcoming maps will work like the Downtown map, with open roads and parkings in Free Ride, and different racetrack layouts for races.

Wave 1 – Togue area

A set of winding roads across Japanese mountains inspired by iconic Togue locations, with a parking on top and a small village on the lower area, crossed by a freeway segment.

Wave 2 – Motorsport circuit

A large motorsport complex built between lush green hills and waterfalls, featuring multiple racetrack layouts and built to host top class races and events.