Neodori Infinity


For: all Meta Quest devices
Launch date: May 24th 2023
Price: 9.99$ – Free trial available

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Game details

Choose your ’80s ride and start the journey!

Neodori Infinity is a high speed road trip inspired by retro arcade classics, with powerful electronic beats and incredible drifts.

  • Fast cars, lots of nitro and limitless drifting
  • Drive in first or third person, using the joypad or the virtual wheel
  • Race across the world against a colourful cast of rivals in the main campaign
  • Unlock additional game modes and campaigns with new challenges and opponents
  • Lots of unlockable cars with different specs and skins
  • All original, upbeat electronic soundtrack

This is a VR exclusive, powered up version of Neodori Forever with tons of fixes, upgrades, and greatly improved driving physics, developed by Strobetano in collaboration with Commuter Games.

General gameplay

  • Driving physics and car controls have been rewritten from scratch
  • All cars have different values for Acceleration, Handling, Nitro, Drift, Health
  • Rebalanced overall difficulty and spawn rate of items
  • More dynamic rival battles and police chases
  • Campaign levels are no longer randomly generated
  • Each zone has unique combinations of bends and slopes
  • Thugs no longer spawn in Endless mode


  • Cars can store up to four Nitro charges
  • Hitting other cars when using Nitro doesn’t damage your car
  • Using Nitro is necessary to escape the police
  • Thug cars can be temporarily overrun with Nitro

Zen mode

  • Zen mode is unlocked much earlier
  • Only zones fully completed in Odyssey will appear in Zen mode
  • Unlimited Nitro use, no damage and no traffic in Zen mode

New content

  • First person view with 3D interiors
  • Virtual steering wheel and handbrake
  • Additional camera control options
  • Rival cars can be unlocked when beating them in Odyssey
  • Reaching certain milestones will unlock additional cars
  • New menu theme and new music tracks by Wheazel


  • Smooth 90fps framerate on Quest 2
  • Improved road rendering system
  • Fixed and updated the looks of all cars
  • Improved nighttime appearance and light effects
  • New particles and sound effects for certain events
  • Menu notifications when new content is unlocked
  • Smoother scene transitions
  • Fixed many graphic issues and glitches
  • Tons of bug fixes and quality of life improvements


  • Updated graphics settings for Quest 3
  • Added controller vibration
  • Improved collisions with road cones and power-ups
  • Game HUD is now fixed to the camera
  • Fixed other minor bugs and glitches


  • Added feedback to help using the steering wheel correctly
  • Improved AI car collisions with road dividers
  • Fixed various visual glitches


  • First release!