Privacy (Website)

The following Privacy Policy applies to this Website.

Last updated: August 16th, 2023

Privacy Policy

Commuter Games as a company honors the privacy of its Users. This document explains what data is being collected when You use this Website, and how that data is used. By choosing to browse this Website, You agree with the collection and use of that data as explained in this document.

This Privacy Policy is subject to unannounced updates as our Products and audience grow and evolve. All updates to this Privacy Policy are effective immediately.

Data collection and use

Commuter Games does not use proprietary systems for data collection within this Website. We instead collect data within this website via the use of analytics tools proprietary of WordPress and Jetpack.

Informations gathered by these analytics tools are aimed to help Us understand our visitors demographic and amount of traffic by collecting generic anonymous data such as the Country the traffic originated from, and visited pages. None of the analytics data We collect through the aforementioned tools contain personal or sensitive information, nor any other kind of information that can identify single users in any way.


You can choose to subscribe to the Commuter Games newsletter. When You do, the mail address You provide to Us will be handled by Jetpack and will be visible to Us. We only store mail addresses for the sole purpose of serving the newsletter to the Users who subscribed. If You are subscribed to Our newsletter, at any moment You are able to unsubscribe by following the dedicated links in the confirmation mail that Our newsletter delivered to you, or by applying the data cancellation rights explained in the last paragraph of this Privacy Policy.


When browsing this Website normally as a visitor, no cookies are generated or saved on Your machine. When logging in to the administration endpoint of this Website, Cookies are generated and saved on Your machine for the sole reason of keeping You logged in across multiple sessions. Cookies saved and used by this Website are managed automatically by WordPress and are unaccessible by Commuter Games.


Commuter Games doesn’t store any analytics data or Cookies in proprietary machines or servers. All analytics data form this Website is stored and processed by the aforementioned providers following their own policies and their own systems of choice, including OVH Group SAS as the provider of hosting and domain services.

Request for data cancellation and other inquiries

The Commuter Games website is entirely unable to identify unique Users, either anonymously or not. This makes it impossible for us, and unnecessary, to apply any data cancellation right as we don’t have access to any data that can be matched to any unique User of this Website. If You subscribed to Our newsletter via the dedicated subscription form, Our Privacy Policy allows You to access, rectify or erase any data You might have sent to Commuter Games via the newsletter subscription form. In that case, if you want to ask Us to have Your data illustrated to You, rectified or erased, or for any other inquiry about this Privacy Policy, please contact Us at the following mail address: info [at] commuter [dot] games.