Downtown Club is out in seven days!

Downtown Club is almost there! The game launches on June 14th, only a week from now. You can wishlist the game from the button below. Also check out the Gameplay Trailer below in case you missed it!

The prerelease rush

This blog has been silent since the first release date announcement and there haven’t been other development diaries so far. I am very sorry for it, but I’m sure you can understand! Getting the game ready for launch is a tough task for a team our size, with only one full time person.

I never entirely liked the concept of Early Access, and I sincerely still don’t today, but launching the game in Early Access was really the only solution to remain within the budget and avoid much bigger problems later for me and the team. Despite that, I’m sure you will find a compelling and polished racing game in Downtown Club. Maybe short on content at launch, I’m aware, but actually packed with options for a Quest game. And this is just the start!

Rushing beyond the finish start line!

I won’t bother you further, so I hope to see you all in the online leaderboards once the game is out- and soon enough, hanging around in the Downtown streets when multiplayer drops in an upcoming update later on. Have a good one!

Danjel Ricci “SkyArcher”